Saturday, March 31, 2007

Coveting my neighbor's bathroom.

Okay, so i don't covet my neighbor's wife, or husband for that matter, but her bathroom and kitchen? ah yes.

Adina has a new kitchen. It's all stylin'. Gray checkerboard backsplash and dark manufactured granite countertops. While i find my Formica-like countertops practical, they just look so practical. They're in that awkward stage of being old enough to be old but too new to be cool retro. Back in the day, 20 years ago, my kitchen was all shiny new too, and really i can't complain too much, it's all very functional. It's just 20 years old, slightly older than my youngest child.

But now, Adina's bathroom.....aaah....all glistening white and pure and new....from the ground up, new. New shower, new floor, new lighting, including a light in the shower. Granted, their old bathroom was functional, i mean, it had the usual necessary fixtures. But it was in need of some serious love. And now, in its newly reborn form, it is spa-like. (At least that's what the decorating shows would call it. i must admit to personal ignorance on the subject of spas.)

My bathroom, where i attempt to put on makeup and otherwise beautify myself, was new at one point. It was never spa-like, as that was not the preferred look of the 80's. i got rid of its big hair and legwarmers when i peeled off the wallpaper and repainted a few years ago, but that does not change the fact that there is no window and definitely no light in the shower.

So here i am confessing my bathroom covetousness. It especially overwhelms me in the shower, when i am shaving my legs by Braille.


harpo the dog said...

ah yes, i too covet all things home improvement. i blame it on my dad, the original home improvement guy. never showed an interest when i was younger, but now that i have my own house, cant get enough. my kitchen was what made me buy my house, beautiful cherry cabinets, island, new flooring. the only problem is the formica countertop, light grey, with a rose pink stripe on the edge. while i love pink, it does not belong on a counter top, especially with cherry cabinets. i long for granite countertops, yearn for them, but stay home with the kids does not allow for the extras, its not like mine are falling apart. they are functional. functional is fine, but i want pretty......
now the bathroom on the other hand, when we moved in you dont notice all the little things that need to be fixed, like the fact that they rough plastered over walls that were falling apart in the bathroom because there was no vent fan. or the fact that the seal had failed around the tub, obviously several times, due to the bump in the wall where water has seeped in making plaster dust fall out every time you bumbed into it. i have found that you just need to start, you can talk about it all you want, make plans, but until you actually start ripping things apart, you will just live with what you have, thats how i got the bathroom done, i got so tired of the surround, that i just started ripping it out with my bare hands, then yelled to my husband, ive started on the bathroom. hehe

equichick8 said...

Oh Julie,
such honor! Thank you for your compliments about my bathroom and kitchen. Sadly, when we move, my favorite rooms will belong to someone else and I can covet them along with you.

I'm guessing that a skylight or light fixture in your shower would be a monumental task right now as the rest of your house is under construction.

Ah, but when it is done, all shall covet your living room. Such hight to the ceiling, such light through the large dormer window, such ambiance from the paint on the walls and sconces flanking the fireplace! That's quite a future for a room, isn't it?

Can't wait to see it...


julia said...

i too, grew up with home projects all around--my mom was the one who would casually tear something apart and redo it--panel the wall in knotty pine, add a little built in fact, i didn't know till i was out of high school that people bought furniture already the way they wanted it, since my mom just made new slipcovers whenever she wanted a change!

i'm trying to learn to be more content--i mean, i'm basically warm and dry, and i have comfy places to sit and sleep. so what's a little missing sheetrock?

it will be quite lovely tho when it's done...