Monday, March 05, 2007

Adrenal eating.

Another thought that's been cruising around in my brain:

When the chiropractor gave me the results of the cortisol test, list of supplements, and recommendations for lifestyle changes, one of those changes was to be sure to eat protein if i had something high carb.

My thought: i can do this. Milk with my chocolate cake, peanut M&M's instead of plain.

Now, for tomorrow, the 24 hour pee collection. When i went to the lab to pick up my jug, imagine my surprise and amusement at being handed a rather large orange jug. The gal explained the procedure then said, "Keep it in the refrigerator." To which i replied, "--and be sure to tell my son it isn't orange juice."

i do amuse myself.


harpo the dog said...

i had to do that pee for 24 hours test once, well, i was supposed to do it, my doctor did not quite prepare me for it. when i walked into the lab to pick up the "equipment" i knew right then that i would not do it, especially when they told me i had to keep it in the fridge? were they joking? no way would i keep it in the fridge. because it was winter at the time, they told me i could keep it in the garage, so great, i could haul that thing in and out of the garage every time i had to go pee? there would have been a lot of me holding it in till the last minute that day. i had to admit, i was a little concerned next time i went to the doctors, that she would scold me or something, but hey, im an adult, i can deal with it. turns out, no big deal, she will just order a blood test instead. ok, now if we could have just done a blood test, THEN WHY DID YOU WANT ME TO PEE IN A BUCKET ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!

julia said...

Huh. i coulda just had a blood test? Dang.