Monday, January 22, 2007

Okay, so it's been a while...

My faithful reader tells me "there's been nothing new for a while on your blog-" Well, there were the holidays, i say in explanation, and then there are the constant games of Spider solitaire i play obsessively, thinking i will begin to win Win WIN!! but i don't. Not often. Just often enough to keep me trying. ANYway, i'm writing now.

Christmas was fun, spent with the family at my oldest daughter's, with all of us pitching in to have a simple meal of appetizers and sandwiches--and of course pie. There must be pie in copious amounts. And the grandchildren are fun and funny, and keep us all amused.

i got to have early Christmas with the England contingent--now, they know how to do cold. And dark. i'm pretty used to street lights and such, but those quaint little villages in England don't have much of that and a person really can't see in front of their nose at night. And here i thought that was just a saying. We've had some extreme cold for these mild parts of California, below freezing nights and mornings. For us that's a novelty, for my little English grandsons it's just a part of winter time, having to wear 16 layers of clothing to go outside.

i'll try to get my rear back in gear to write more often here, (although the typing is better with my hands) just in case someone drops by.

It was funny to sign on to my blog and see the last thing i wrote was about the sleep apnea--it's been pretty much 2 months exactly using the cpap machine, and i think i'm finally getting used to sleeping with it, with the mask on my face. i figure i'm getting accustomed because i no longer wake up in the night and flail madly at whatever is covering my nose before i realize it's supposed to be there. The mask is my friend. Haven't seen a big difference yet in quality of sleep, but i think i must be starting to sleep a bit more deeply, as i'm waking up less in the night. So we will see. The jury is still out on that, as that saying goes.

Well, it's late (for me, anyway,) and time to put on the lovely mask and float off to dreamland.


harpo the dog said...

i always wondered how people slept with those machines on their faces. i guess waking up flailing madly at the thing on your face was pretty much how i imagined it. lol.

julia said...

Yep--between the mask and the 3 dachshunds that share our bed it's been an interesting couple of months... ;-)