Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Poeming: Another year.

My friend Adina. If i tried
 this i would kill myself.


Usually I resolve not to resolve,
hating the gravel pit of failure,
the scattered, broken bits
of promises made to myself
then left to the elements to
crumble in the company of
other broken bits of promises
made to myself.
So this year, again,
I resolve not to resolve,
but simply to gaze
more outwardly than inward,
to breathe deeply
in the cold or the heat,
to celebrate this body
with its (mostly) working parts,
to treat myself as kindly
as I treat others.
In other words,
this year I choose
to live.

jle 2013

Thanks to Poetic Asides Wednesday poetry prompts for this prompt to write a resolved poem.

Skimmer's Recap: Here's to a kinder, gentler year for all of us.

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