Monday, August 06, 2012

Will she find fitness inspiration in a heart rate monitor? STAY TUNED!

i bought this Polar heart rate monitor, the FT40, from Amazon. (Yes, from Amazon. Doing my part to kill small business. Please forgive me.)

Lately i've kind of run out of my exercise and fitness mojo. i feel like when life came up and slapped me with my sister's unexpected death in March, my brain has been taken up by other things--since it has always looked for good "reasons" to not get off my duff and get active to stay healthier. But i must push on....FORWARD HO! and all that inspiring rot.

i preach it to others, this keeping active, this exercising thing, In Pursuit of Better Living with Fibro. And if i'm gonna preach it.... *SIGH*

So i'm hoping that once Ivania My Paid Friend the Trainer helps me get all the settings right on it, i will be filled with a Renewed Sense of Joy in Exercise. Perhaps i should be writing Polar's ad copy. Perhaps NOT if they actually wish to sell them. i can see it now: "POLAR HEART RATE MONITORS! JUST WEARING ONE IS NOT ENOUGH!"

i'll keep you posted. (--Get it? "Posted"? Blog "post"?)

Alrighty then. Beam me up, Scottie! (yes, i will likely be using my cool watch like i'm Captain Kirk. And you can't stop me.)

Skimmer's Recap: Get yourself one of these watches and you too can be cool like me. Meet me on the bridge in 5 so we can compare heart rates!


Unknown said...

I too just got my heart rate monitor. I had no idea what a life changer it was. I found out that I was basically doing all of my exercises wrong, because they wouldn't get my heart rate up enough. I love my heart rate monitor USA. Thanks for sharing your post!

julia said...

Hi Marietta! Thanks for coming by. Yes, i've found my HRM pretty informative too, unfortunately it often informs me that the burn isn't nearly as high as the machines have said. And the infrared sauna that's supposed to burn 300 to 600 calories in a half hour? Me: 135. Talk about a reality check, eh? i'm glad you're enjoying yours too! Stop by again sometime. :-)