Monday, April 18, 2011

Fibromyalgia and Just Blogging Along.

I don't know which is more embarrassing: that my blog shows only 3 followers OR that I'm not sure even they read it anymore. And then every once in a while I get a comment like this one, posted on my most recent post, "Fibromyalgia and My Baby Steps Toward Physical Health."

Nancy said...

I mentioned on Facebook tonight that I'm going for my first appointment to a Pain Management Clinic tomorrow and a friend told me about your blog. It has been a blessing to me. I was diagnosed about 7 years ago and honestly have forgotten what it's like to feel good. I've tried just about everything, have prayed for healing, and prayed for contentment. It feels like a rollercoaster between hope and acceptance. Thank you for sharing so honestly about your own struggle.

Redemption! Suddenly there is a purpose for my awkwardly unseen disorder--and my unceasing need to talk about it. So thank you, Nancy! I struggle, I write, I share on this blog (which gives my hubby a much appreciated break from me sharing with him) and how great is it to find out it's helped somebody!

Happy *sigh*.


bookbabie said...

Hi Julia, I'm still around. I'm impressed with your exercise routine, I keep thinking I'll do more and hoping just thinking about it counts! Feeling pretty good physically, my fibro isn't too bad, more sleep disturbances than pain. A little blue but hoping that gets better when and if spring ever arrives here in Michigan, snow yesterday and ice this morning, blah! I go on Facebook more, friend me Lilli Jolgren Day and we can keep in touch:)

julia said...

Glad to hear you're feeling pretty well physically--that's a big part of the battle! i'm even affected by the weather, and here in CA it's pretty mild, so i can't imagine dealing with snow and such. i'll look for you on facebook. :-)

Nancy ~Lessons Learned on the Farm said...

Julia, I'm so glad that my comment was an encouragement to you. I just have to laugh that it took me a full month to see this though. Ha!

The trip to the Pain Management Center didn't go well and I just kind of fell apart. I'm just now getting back to my google reader so this was a real treat for me.

Now, if I could only remember who mentioned your blog to me on FB, I could thank them. Ha!

julia said...

hi Nancy! what happened at the Pain Management Center? poo!!

It was great to receive that encouragement, thanks again ;-) I'd love to know who told you about my blog too! Hope to see you around again.