Friday, August 06, 2010

3 Random things I like.

Genealogy. Even though I spell it wrong every single time and have to fix it, I love genealogy. I use because they make it so easy, and my sister gave me some great photos and information on our family so I could get the family tree started online. Why is it so fascinating to me to find who was the father of great-great-aunt Gwendolyn? (Not her real name, the names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent.) I think it's part thrill of the chase, part the names, and part hoping to see a picture of them. I love the old pictures!! And I just bet those who have gone before were just as crazy as the current group.

Hobbies. I know. Not a huge surprise. But there are so many things I like to try that I end up with an excessive amount of stuff related to all those hobbies that threatens to take away the usable closet/cupboard/drawer space anywhere I can fit it in. Knitting, crocheting, writing, reading, sewing, etc, all accompanied by the magazines and idea notebooks and books I also collect on the subject. Oh--and finding old furniture I love to clean up and use, or my fascination with collecting things like tea cups or pitchers or creamers or other things with spouts (and no, I don't know why!)

Talking to strangers.  Not news to most of my friends, and disturbing to some of my family members, I love chatting with people in line, or people I run into at craft fairs, wherever. I'm a salesperson's dream (plus, they're forced to laugh at my jokes since they're hoping to sell me something.) If I didn't like to talk to strangers there are some great stories I'd never heard, like the lady I spoke to while we were sorting through hobby books, who told me of their family's christening gown that had been passed down and passed down, and each person who had it would add some sort of embellishment to the gown. I love that stuff. Sorry there are no visuals for this one, but I rarely pose for pictures with strangers. Talk to them yes, get photos, no.

What random things do you like?

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