Friday, May 28, 2010

Back garden wonders: the hummingbird nest!

Last year in July, Dean finally got the camera he'd been lusting after forever, a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. The first pictures we took were of the hummingbird nest in our backyard poplar tree. At Christmas i actually managed to surprise him with a very cool telephoto lens. The first pictures i've taken with the telephoto lens have been of the mommy hummingbird in this year's nest! i was so happy to find her back again.


Marilyn said...

That is so cool

Connie said...

I've come to interrupt !

Glad you're back and writing up a storm.
You sure gained a ton of friends over there. It is different than a blog -- less work and time spent writing. Codes, etc., too.
I will have to return and finish reading up on your busyness.I "lost" my first blog because I was losing pictures off the back end like crazy. I tried three tomes after that to start up again, and now this is the 4th. I had a problem with the feeds. You know, writing to everyone, and no one was there, etc.
Now I am a bit burned out and have only 3 visitors. I put myself down as a Follower once, as It just looked better !
I've been reading -- your weather has been a bit wild last year and this, too. We are having a warmer than usual winter and always go right directly from winter to summer. Go figure.
Hope you had a nice holiday. Two of my daughter's and I went to my hometown to the cemetery right on the lake. Love it there except in winter -- we get into the statistic's then.
Have to move........ will write again and so glad you are back. :-)