Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New Year.

i thought perhaps a good way to start the new year and begin to post again (thanks to Marilyn for her sweet encouragement in her Christmas card) would be for Julia to interview julie. (Both me. Really.)

Julia: So, any brilliant thoughts to start us on this new year of possibilities?

julie: You mean now that it's March?

Julia: Well, right--but it's taken us this long to start much of anything.

julie: True, but no, not really. Oh! Can i talk about last year?

Julia: Okay--what about last year?

julie: i don't want to talk about it.

Julia: Uh--

julie: Well, it was a bit of a stinky year--dear hubby retired from United after 34 years, thank you very much, BUT he only retired to start a new job with the Port of Oakland doing the same thing.

Julia: But that sounds great!

julie: HellOO--you DO remember he then was laid off? Out of seniority? And had to find a new job? And--

Julia: (whispering) of course I remember--I'm just pretending for the sake of the interview--

julie: OH! Right! Haha. SO, Julia, to tell you the rest of the story (wink) he found a job after 2 months, and that was pretty amazing, and then his good friend worked with the union to prove the Port messed up and got him his job back. So he went back to work there.

Julia: i see--and how is that?

julie: He really likes it. Plus he passed probation while he wasn't even working there. How great is that?

Julia: That is good. Anything else?

julie: Well, daughter Cori and her executive chef hubby Luis stayed with us for several months so they could save up money and pay stuff off. But he didn't cook at home, really. Super sad stuff, that.

Julia: Anything other thoughts on 2009?

julie: OH! OH! Yes! i had the perfect storm of a birthday! It was on 09-09-09. How cool is that?! Plus, i started buying matching hangers for all my clothes and changing them over. It's gonna revolutionize my closet!

Julia: How, exactly?

julie: It's gonna look awesome every time i go in there!

Julia: Ah. Well, have you thought of anything to tell us about the year we are in now?

julie: OH! OH! i get to go to the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference soon-- Something like 6 days of no cooking or cleaning!

Julia: Now that DOES sound exciting. Do you have anything in particular you're trying to get published, any goal in mind?

julie: Not yet. But it's, like, 6 days of no cooking or cleaning!

Julia: I don't think we can top that, so I think we're done, our dear 3 readers, until next time.

julie: 6 whole days!

Julia: We're done.


Marilyn said...

I hadn't checked blogs lately and was so pleased to see you back. You have such a gift for writing and I either get inspired or have a good laugh- Marilyn

julia said...

Thanks, my friend! :-D