Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i'm a winner. Yep, me.

Recently i received this award from encouraging blogfriend Connie, over at My Thoughts and Creations. By the time i put the picture on here the print got too small and blurry to read. But she says "This award is called the nobelpris and it has to do with being a nice Mom to children, animals, anyone." And Connie wouldn't lie to me, right Connie?
Anyway, i've always hoped to be a nice Mom, though i apologize often for all the mom-things i didn't know how to do when they were smaller. And i have the unfortunate leaning toward mothering my friends. (Sorry, grown-up friends! It's all well intended! My nurturing gene is over-developed.)
i do have a soft spot for animals, and have recently aided in the capture of two little dogs who went astray, and in the returning them to their worried families--in the past 3 weeks. In fact, if i'd known how much chasing i would do yesterday, i wouldn't have gone to the gym first.
Thanks Connie!


Tersie said...

How sweet. And congrats. :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Girl!! You deserve it!

Connie said...

Yes you do !

julia said...

You ladies are mighty sweet-- :-) (she said blushing...)

Julie Coney said...

i rather enjoyed being a recipient of your over developed nurturing gene..... :)

julia said...

Julie, thanks, i really do appreciate the appreciation--that's good to know, truly!