Monday, November 24, 2008

A 1950s Thanksgiving.

Well, i've been back from England for nearly a week now, and my body and brain might just be getting back on the right time zone. Between the usual loads of laundry and piles of dishes, i've been looking up recipes. When thinking about the Thanksgiving menu, daughter Cori came up with the idea of casseroles--from there we jumped to the idea of a 1950s theme. Jello mold anyone?

So i've been cruising the internet for foods in gelatin. What else says 50s like Jello with grated vegetables in it? i've found some great sounding recipes, though, to my surprise! i mean, for me personally, if it contains cream cheese i will come. Or cranberries and pineapple. These sound good to me.

i also need an interesting dessert, besides the pecan pie i can't help but make. Any 50s desserts ideas?

Oh--and i will be wearing my pearls and best apron.


Lea Ann said...

The very best dessert from the 50's is chocolate meringue pie. With really rich cooked chocolate pie filling and real meringue. If you make it, let me know. I just saw some $49 each way fares from Atlanta to almost anywhere listed on travel zoo!!!!

Have I ever sent you Aunt Mary's cranberry salad recipe? I make it at Thanksgiving just for the response I get from Daddy. When he finds out I've made it he'll take me aside and give me a little hug with tears in his eyes. Anyway - it's from the 50's for sure!

I almost forgot the best pie my mother made in the 50's (I only got the chocolate one at other peoples houses)... Angel pie. It came from Mother's friend Verna (who is now 93 and she got it from HER mother). It's wonderful. I can also send it for your consideration but you have to promise not to donate it for publication. Ever. Verna's rule.

julia said...

OOh--what's Angel pie? And YES please send the cranberry salad recipe, please! i would make the chocolate pie if i thought it would bring you! How fun would that be!