Thursday, June 14, 2007

My life as an oyster.

i went searching for images of oysters after saying to friend Adina yesterday that i felt like just closing up on myself like an oyster. The images i found served to ensure that i will never eat an oyster, and i now know more about oysters than i ever wanted. Anyway, the reason "oyster" came to mind was that when i feel especially fibromyalgia achy and just worn to the core, i just want to close up inside my little shell and stay warm and not move. She said, "And when I open back up, I may have a pearl," to which i responded, "Or not--" So, after a few days of oyster-wishes, i am open again. Sorry, no pearl, simply these thoughts:

Things i love:
affectionate contact--hugging grandkids, my kids, friends, my puppies, and of course my husband.
movies like "The Wedding Singer" with laugh-out-loud bits

That's maybe the worst part of When Fibromyalgia Strikes--i feel unable to enjoy those things (i can usually make an exception for chocolate.) It's like there are two distinct Fibro Me's--one where i hurt to the very tips of my fingers, but i'm still able to create and enjoy and shove the pain to somewhere off-center, and the second me where i feel achy and dull and want to just close up my shell and wait for tomorrow.

What i can do with this information, i am not sure. Maybe at this point it's enough to just know it.


Tersie said...

You write:
"What i can do with this information, i am not sure. Maybe at this point it's enough to just know it."

Maybe it's enough for you just to know it, but I am so thankful that you chose to share it! I'm so glad I found your blog when I did. You add so much perspective to the way I view the world. Thank you.

I also love "The Wedding Singer." It's one of those movies that make me laugh until I cry. I could watch it over and over. Maybe I should drag it out of my dusty DVD collection and watch it soon.

Creating - are you like me? When I need to create, it's like a gut feeling (truly coming from the gut) that only gets stronger until I let it out in some form of creativity. The easiest way for me to create is through writing but lately I've been longing to pick up some pencils and a sketch pad at the store to create in a more visual way.

Anyway ... you may not have seen the pearl in what you shared, but I saw a huge beautiful pearl wrapped within your words. Thanks again.

julia said...

Well, COOL! What kind of perspective did that give you? Maybe you know what i'm supposed to learn from my oyster. ;-)

Creating takes many forms for me--writing, scrapbooking, digitally messing with photos, knitting, brief brushes with mosaic (pretty angry at the time so breaking things felt great!) & wool felting...i love to try things! i have some watercolor pencils i want to use more. Occasionally i make a card. Yup, i think you're right about the "gut" thing--

saisai said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your lovely sketch of the oyster in my search for a a 'natural history' type image of an oyster. And yours is by far the nicest I've seen. All the others are a bit too slimy looking and a bit gross for what I need it for. I'm trying to make a business card for a friend of mine, and I was wondering if you'd mind if I used your sketch? She's a dentist, and trying to start up her own practice by the sea, hence the image of an oyster. How would you feel about us using your sketch on her card?

julia said...

Hello! It isn't my drawing and honestly I don't remember where I found it then--guess I should have put that info as a credit, something I learned later. But I was drawn to it for the same reasons, artsy but not slimy! lol! I agree it would make a great business card, but I'm no help on that " permission" question, sorry about that...