Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The year of 53

i suppose this could also be called, "The Year of Looking For Signs." What is it that fascinates me about numbers lining up? i was born in 1953 (yup, there it is in writing!) and had my 53rd birthday this September--cool enough for me, right there! BUT THEN--i did some birthday ebay shopping the week before my birthday, and (add in some Twilight Zone music here--) saw that i now have--can you guess?--53 feedbacks! How cool and yet weird is that?

As if that combination of odd numbers and odd occurances wasn't enough, i already have odd numbers going for my birthday itself--the 9th day of the 9th month. So altogether, does this make me an odd person? Possibly. i mean, i am left-handed, too. But if those do not, there are many other things that probably serve to qualify me.

Feel free to not bring them up.


Lea Ann said...

Hey, we're the same age for a little over a month... then I'll be 54. Happy, Happy Birthday (belated).

I had some thoughts on fall a week or so ago and then the temp shot back up to 92 with our well known humidity and now I'm saying, "Fall? Isn't that supposed to happen in October?". But after I read your note on fall and then we had those 2 or 3 days of 70's and low humidity I found myself humming "Ferry Cross the Mersey". Then I had to figure out why I was associating that song with fall! Our marching band played it during football season in the fall of '68. Now THAT's a long time ago!

Here's a question. Do they have chirt on the west coast?

julia said...

Chirt? What (or who?) is that?

And doesn't it kinda freak you out that you started humming that song because of something in 1968?? i mean, that's like when the tv doctor touches some place in your brain that accesses reeeeally old memories.... ;-)

Connie said...

julia, i didn't know you were a lefty. Me too. Isn't there something about being creative and left handed? Wish I could remember the exact words. For now we can say we are "Creative Lefties", ok ?